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Rochester NY Key is a locksmith company located in Rochester, New York. We provide the residents of Rochester and the nearby areas with lock and key solutions whenever they need them.

Our trained professionals offer solutions to all you’re problems with your locks and keys.  We are the best locksmith in Rochester, NY, offering our services for 24 hours every day. These include holidays and weekends. Therefore, you do not have to wait for normal business hours to access our services.

Our Rochester NY locksmith services are unique, and we utilize a variety of sophisticated tools and equipment to ensure that we provide services that meet your expectations. We aim to provide our customers and clients with the best locksmith services across Rochester and New York.

Over the years, we have acquired knowledge on how to fix different kinds of locks, from cars, front doors, doors of corporate buildings, and many other locks. The knowledge we acquire is always instrumental in all our projects.

In many ways, we ensure that our clients and customers have quick and easy access to their properties. We do this at an affordable price.

Our Experts

Misplacing something like a key can be very easy. They also get damaged from time to time. The inconvenience that comes with such occurrences can be immense because these things occur without a prior warning.

Unless you have a secondary or spare key, you may end up being locked outside your property for long hours. That is why Rochester NY Key has a team of well-trained and experienced technicians to handle any cases that may arise. We ensure that our customers get the services they need to enable them to continue with their everyday lives.

With the wealth of knowledge our professional experts have acquired over the years fixing and repairing all types of locks and keys, they provide the best services. Some of the Rochester NY locksmith services 

We offer include:

Whenever you need locksmith services in and around Rochester, remember to contact Rochester NY Key.

+1 585 755 0673

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