Residential Locksmith Service

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Residential Locksmith Service

Our residential locksmith services guarantee you a safe environment at home. We are ready to come over and fix any issues with your locks. Such issues may include a broken locking mechanism or when you lose your key. We are also available when you want to upgrade the locks to improve the security of your home.

Why Choose Rochester NY Key?

We are the leading residential locksmith services provider across Rochester, offering various services to different individuals. The technology employed in home security continues to evolve, and we have the required equipment to provide you with the best services. We have the equipment to work on digital door locks, smart deadbolt locks, and master key systems.

Because we are a mobile locksmith service provider, we come to wherever you are to sort out the issues with your locks. With our services, you will be sure that the security of your home improves, which also improves the value of your home. When in Rochester, just Google “apartment locksmith near me” and contact Rochester NY Key.

What We Offer
We carry out repairs, replacements, and installations of all varieties of locks for homeowners. You will definitely need our services during your homebuilding stage and afterward. Some of the services we provide include:

Lock Installation

When building or remodeling your home, you will need new lock installations. We provide you with a variety of lock types to cater to your every need. Our lock installation services provide locks to install on your bedroom, garage, front entry door, and any other part of your home.

Our services are authentic, ensuring that we do not produce errors, meaning we do not put you at any risk. When remodeling, you can trust us to conduct house lock change services safely. This will also apply when you are installing a new locking system to boost your home’s security

Lock Repairs

Lock damage can pose a threat to the security of your home and even allow access to unauthorized persons. If you have a high-security lock system in your home, the lock replacement cost will significantly be high.

  Our residential locks repair services allow you a faster and cheaper method of taking care of your locks whenever they get damaged. Therefore, instead of requesting a house lock change, you can ask us to provide lock repairs. We do repairs with high standards, ensuring that the security of your home does not get compromised.

Before carrying out the repair services, we inspect the locks to see the level of damage. We repair all minor damages. If you are a resident in Rochester, search online for “residential lock repair near me”  and contact us.

Lockout Service

We know that people are sometimes in a hurry, and they may mess up in the process. A typical mess can be locking your keys in the house. Whenever you lock your keys inside the house in Rochester, you can contact us for lockout services.

Although some people may think it is an unlikely occurrence, you do not know when you will lock your keys inside the house. With our lockout services, we will help you open the door and access your keys without damaging the door or any other structures of your home.

Key Cutting

Your doors, locks, and several other items need a key to open. Sometimes, you may lose a key or a bunch of keys. With our key cutting services, we provide you with another key to allow you access to your intended point. We can also provide a secondary key if you need it for any reason.

Rekey Services

Generally, whenever you feel like someone who should not have the key to the lock has it, you can consider rekeying. It is an alternative to lock replacement, and it also consumes less time and is much cheaper.

Our residential locks rekey services take care of all your needs, and we can rekey various types of locks. We will help you get a new key to open the lock without changing the lock.


Our residential locksmith services will undoubtedly help you in several ways. We provide these services in and around Rochester, NY. Feel free to contact us any time you need our services.

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