Emergency Locksmith Services

Emergency Locksmith Services

We are available 24 hours every day, including weekends and holidays. You do not have to wait for normal working hours for you to receive our services. All residents of Rochester can contact us whenever they run into trouble with keys and lock systems. Just Google “24-hours emergency locksmith near me,” and Rochester NY Key will be at your service. We use GPS service to locate you.

Why Contact Rochester NY Key?

We provide all key and lock emergency solutions. First, we guarantee you access to whatever emergency lock service you need, any time of the day. Whenever you lose your keys or lock them inside your home, contact us, and we will help you regain access to the keys without damaging any part of your car, lock, or door. There’s no need to remain stranded, standing outside. We handle all car lockouts, office lockouts, house lockouts, and storage lockouts.

Technology has led to the evolution of locking systems, and some homes and vehicles have high-security locks installed. Whenever you run into an emergency with these locks, they will need specific expertise to handle them. At Rochester NY Key, we have the expertise and skills to service and fix these high-security locks. Our sophisticated technologies will enable us to program a code to unlock your high-security digital doors for your commercial building and also get a new code to use 

We understand that emergencies need quick solutions. We provide effective and immediate solutions to your emergency needs, and we handle every lock emergency professionally. The best thing about our services is that we do not cause any damage to your home or car. We have all the tools and expertise required for the proper handling of your property.

When Can We Provide Emergency Locksmith Services

There are many instances when you will need emergency locksmith services. Some of the cases include:

  • After a Break-in

Break-ins usually damage the doors and locks. To keep yourself safe, you will need to call an emergency locksmith to fix your locks. We may have to re-key or replace the locks entirely. You may also need more extensive repair services on your car or property.

  • Losing Your Keys

People usually lose keys at unexpected times. Losing keys poses a bigger danger than the immediate inconvenience of the inability to open your door. The key might end up with someone who may trace the door that matches it and break into your house or drive away your car.

If you lose car keys, you need emergency car locksmith services to unlock your door and re-key it. The emergency locksmith will also help with the office and home.

  • Locking Yourself Out

A locksmith will always help you out whenever you lock yourself out. Whether you lock ourself outside your car, office, or home, emergency locksmith services will help you unlock the door.

  • Electronic Locks

Sometimes, you can forget the combo on a digital lock. If you cannot access the reset password option on your account, you will have to contact us for our emergency locksmith services. Also, if there is a neighborhood blackout and your building does not have a generator, the best option is to seek emergency locksmith services.

  • When Your Lock or Key Gets Damaged

If your lock gets damaged or your key breaks and an emergency locksmith will have to attend to it. If your car keys get broken, contact us for emergency car key replacement. Our emergency services are also available if your house or office keys get broken or damaged. 


Everyone needs access to emergency locksmith services. It is vital for the efficient running of your car, home, or office. We are available in Rochester, and you can contact us at any time you are in need. We respond immediately and with all the tools required.

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