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Are you looking for an auto locksmith service? Rochester NY Key is here to take care of all your needs. We are highly specialized in conducting a variety of services and will respond to your needs immediately. We use GPS to find your location and take care of your needs right where you are. We are your ideal auto locksmiths in Rochester, handling all car keys made for various car models.

What We Do

We specialize in a variety of services, including:
• Creating and replacing car keys
• Removing broken keys
• Unlocking your car

What We Do

We understand that car keys can lose any time or you can lockout at your car, our Emergency locksmith Services can help you 24 hours services in Rochester and nearby area.

We have professional expert who can replace and create any model of car key from scratch, including the smart keys and Car key programming. Typically, we carry out the tasks quickly (usually within 15-30 minutes) to enable you to resume your daily activities. We also do it at an inexpensive cost.

Creating and Replacing Car Keys

We understand that car keys vary; there are those with a fob and those without the fob or electrical piece. We can create and replace any model of car key, including the smart keys. Typically, we carry out the tasks quickly (usually within minutes) to enable you to resume your daily activities. We also do it at an inexpensive cost.
One good thing with Rochester NY Key is that we meet you wherever you are and create the key on the spot. Our auto key replacement services are 100% effective and affordable. For people with only one car key, we produce duplicate keys. It all depends on the type of transponder chip your car uses. We can make direct copies of the coded car key using our highly specialized equipment, which copies the code to a new transponder chip.
However, some cars have encryptions on their chip, making it difficult to copy. If this is the case with your car, we produce a new key and utilize special diagnostic tools to code it directly to your car. If you buy a vehicle with one key, consider contacting us for car locksmith services. We will produce a duplicate key for you.

Removing Broken Keys

Your car keys can undergo natural wear and break or break when you are trying to start the ignition. We understand that it is not too often an occurrence, but you need specialty services
whenever it happens. You may not be at fault for the broken key, but removing it from the car’s ignition can be a challenge. Still, you cannot start the vehicle with a broken key. We use key extraction kits and tools, attaching them to the exposed crevices of the key, and eventually, remove the key.
When the key breaks in the ignition, do not try removing it yourself because it can lead to more damage. We remove broken keys from car doors and ignition. After extracting the key from the ignition, we will also conduct ignition repair.
We carry out mobile car key cutting services for broken keys to enable you to access and ignite your vehicle again. If your car has a keyless ignition system, we have the tools to unlock it and get you back on the road.

Unlocking Your Car

Sometimes you can lock your car keys inside the car. You can also lose the car keys. Do not fret. You can contact a 24 7 auto locksmith who will respond immediately. Do not sit and wait for “normal business hours.” Rochester NY Key is here to help you out, any time, any day, and we come with tools on site.
We utilize several strategies to unlock your car, and they all vary depending on the type of car and lock system the car uses. Remember that we no longer live in the days of needing a coat hanger to get into your vehicle. It was a risky method that would damage your car doors and scratch the paint, costing you thousands of dollars in repairs.
A majority of modern cars have an advanced alarm system and keyless remotes. We can reprogram the code to enable you to gain access to your vehicle again. In many cases, we use a VATS passcode detector, allowing us to work quickly and effectively.


Whenever you need auto locksmith services, just Google “auto locksmith near me” and reach out. We are the solution to all your auto key needs. You do not have to worry about the time of day because we offer services around the clock, and we come equipped with all the necessary tools.

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