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Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith Service

Our commercial locksmith services aim at providing locksmith services for commercial and industrial
purposes. We understand that problems with safes, file cabinets, locks, and other issues can be critical
to running a business. At Rochester NY Key, we handle such issues, ensuring that your business returns
to normal operation.

What We Offer

The commercial locksmith services we provide vary from company to company. Some of the services include:

Installation of New Locks

We carry out business locks installation services for all types of companies. When setting up new business premises, trust us to install the best business locks. We also advise you on the ideal locks for your business.

If your locks are old, they may break and fall off at any time. If you are not ready for new locks, we can conduct commercial door locks repair. We can assess your business and advise you on the best locks to install to keep your business safe.

Response to Commercial Lockout

The business environment does not have room for time-wasting. Every second counts, but unexpected things may happen, resulting in employees being locked out of the office. If such a situation happens, you cannot send employees back home or break the door or window to get into the office.

Our commercial locksmith services will help you out in such situations, unlocking the door and allowing your team into the office. We show up immediately with all the required tools, enabling your employees to get back to work.

Installing and Unlocking File Cabinets and Safes

We can assess your business and recommend the ideal safe options you need. We will then help you develop a code for unlocking them. We understand how critical the security of safes can be, and we ensure that the safes we install have proper security mechanisms.

Office safes and file cabinets store vital documents. Whenever your safes malfunction or you forget the combinations for unlocking them, you can contact Rochester NY Key for immediate servicing. We also understand that file cabinet jams happen more often.

You do not need to break your file cabinet when it jams. We will help you unlock the file cabinet easily, allowing you access to our documents without damaging property.

Digital Locks

In recent times, commercial properties have switched to digital locks. Typically, digital doors get unlocked by a code, or some cases may need a code plus key. We carry out these high-security locks installation and service them when the need arises. Because many people use company doors daily, frequent maintenance is essential.

We service all digital doos to ensure that they function as required, preventing wastage of time at the company. If your digital doors develop problems (like trouble when opening), we have the equipment to read the code to unlock and develop a new code that will function effectively.

Security Upgrades

We keep tabs on security developments that may improve the security of our clients. If we notice a suitable development, we recommend it to our clients. We also find out about the methods thieves use to breach security protocols, allowing us to advise our clients on the best upgrades they can consider.

We understand that thieves are always trying out new ways of breaking locks, both digital and manual. If we notice increased manipulation of a particular lock, we advise the client to switch to a newer and secure lock system. The good thing is that we conduct the installation, ensuring that the lock is secure.

Upgrades to the commercial lock system may involve commercial door locks replacement or a partial modification of the existing locks.

Installing a Master Key System

With a master key system, businesses can access all locks with a single key. It helps to eliminate the need to carry around a bunch of keys while maintaining the security of individual rooms. Notably, a building with multiple locking rooms can be complex, and a master key system can make the process simpler without compromising security.

We design and install a master key system that suits your business needs. It addresses your business security needs, ensuring that unauthorized parties do not have access to your business.


Rochester NY Key is your ideal company for commercial locksmith services. We offer many services, including commercial locks replacement, to keep your business safe.

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